Technical Specifications

GVA-30 General specifications

The amplifier is a product of many years development and has had the interim appraisal and technical advice of Martin Colloms, one of the United Kingdom’s top Electro-acoustical engineers.

The GVA-30 is designed and optimised to drive most modern high quality loudspeakers and being free of Global Negative Feedback provides a natural, accurate and dynamic response giving rise to a superb audio performance.

Each amplifier runs two pairs of KT88s as Triodes in class “A”, driven from a cathode follower and balanced phase splitter to provide 30 watts RMS power at clipping, more than enough for domestic listening. The output valves operating as triodes keep third harmonic distortion to a minimum and maximise loudspeaker damping. The power supply uses two GZ34 rectifiers for longevity and reliability.

GVA-30 Detailed specifications

Output Power : 30 Watts. (5 Ohms)
True root mean square measured at clipping and 235v mains supply.

Output Impedance : 4 to 8 Ohms optimised for 5 Ohms.

Frequency Response : 10 Hz – 30 kHz  1.0 dB

Hum and noise : ≥ 86 dBA

Sensitivity : 1.8 volts for maximum output

Size : W 240mm – L 440mm – H 235mm. Weight : 26 Kg (approx) each monoblock

Valve line up : 4 x KT88, 3 x E88CC, 2 x GZ34